True to form, I was reading the New York Times Well section this morning when a headline caught my eye: “Do Indoor Plants improve our Health?”. Well, do they? Over here on the hill, we love our indoor plants. We had friends over last weekend and one noted that we had “A basil, a rosemary, and, like, TWO orchids” in an awed tone. We laughed because the orchid count is more like ten at this point. We’re a little obsessed.

I love the idea of something so simple and soothing as a few indoor plants to boost wellness. However, this article says that evidence is spotty as to any clear health benefits. Boo! We do know that plants can improve air quality, a definite plus. What the article does note is that getting outdoors has significant health benefits. All you need is a short walk out your door to come to this scientific conclusion on your own, but if you’re a skeptic, here is a great study done by the National Recreation and Park Association. It delineates how time outdoors can improve symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, attention deficits, and more. Doctors are even prescribing outdoor time to some patients!

Overall, I was a little disappointed in the article itself, but I needed a good reminder to maximize my outdoor time during this cold, rainy week.

How do you get in your outdoor rx?